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Zymol Sponge

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Zymol Sponge

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The king of car wash sponges! Specially designed to make big jobs easy.

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  • The Zymol Sponges are 9"x4", heavyweight but forever supple to easily drench your car in soft frothy bubbles
  • Helps slide dirt and foreign matter away from your car with minimum effort
  • Is silicone-free, to prevent annoying micro abrasions
  • Becomes very soft and pliable once wet but also easy to wring dry
  • Made in the United States
  • Buy direct from Australia and New Zealand's Authorised Zymol Distributor

Additional Information

Ingredients Silicon-Free
  1. Accurately fill wash bucket, using 1 capful of Zymol Auto Wash per 3.8L (1 gallon) of cold water or your favourite wash product. We recommend filling another rinse bucket with cold water for rinsing your sponge.
  2. Before applying wash, thoroughly rinse vehicle with hose and cold water to remove any loose dirt, bird droppings, tree sap, brake dust, etc. We recommend washing your car when its body is cool and in the shade away from overhanging trees.
  3. Using a Zymol sponge, wash one section at a time and rinse the vehicle frequently. Rinse your sponge frequently in the rinse bucket before dipping it back in the wash bucket to minimise dirt getting in to the auto wash bucket. Change the water in the rinse bucket when it gets dirty. Do not pour this water on the vehicle.
  4. For best results, start by washing the roof, then the boot/trunk lid and bonnet, and then working down the vehicle in sections, rinsing after each section is washed. If you are pedantic, you may want to use a second sponge/cloth for dirtier sections such as fenders, lower door panels, grilles, sideskirts, bumpers and lips, or just rinse your main sponge thoroughly after these sections. Lastly, we strongly recommend washing the wheels with a separate sponge reserved for washing the rims only. 
  5. Give the entire vehicle a thorough final rinse. To make the drying process easier, we recommend finishing off the rinse step by taking off the hose gun/sprayer and using a gentle, thick stream of water to rinse the vehicle from top to bottom. This allows the water to 'sheet' off the vehicle and removes water droplets on the panels. If your vehicle's paint has been treated with high quality wax, most of the water will have 'sheeted' off completely.
  6. Dry vehicle thoroughly with a chamois and then finish off by towel drying if required.
  7. To clean sponge, soak in warm solution of Zymol Auto Wash or Clear Auto Bathe for minimum of 30 minutes.
  8. Rinse sponge with water using moderate pressure.
Manufacturer Zymol

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